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Austin, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Zilliant provides price optimization and management software. Targeting the manufacturing, high tech, distribution and industrial service sectors, Zilliant uses predictive applications to support high sales growth.
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Products and Services

Zilliant Campaign Manager

Zilliant Campaign Manager is an application to generate omni-channel campaigns through product, pricing, and sales guided actions. Campaign Manager enables you to scope, filter and prioritize customer-specific actions based on your strategy and potential business impact. With the push of a button, you can deliver prioritized actions into any business system.
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Zilliant Cart IQ

Cart IQ is an eCommerce intelligence solution. Create a seamless customer experience by using AI to recommend the products customers are most likely to purchase based on their basket or cart. Cart IQ delivers highly relevant recommendations to help you increase average order size.
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Zilliant Deal Manager

Deal Manager is a one-stop-shop to create, maintain and renew customer price agreements and contracts to ensure they don’t become an inadvertent source of margin leakage. Provide pricing guidance and product recommendations to sales reps upon creation and renewal of agreements, complete with in-line analytics and KPIs to help sales reps make the best possible commercial decisions.
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Zilliant IQ Platform

The Zilliant IQ Platform is a cloud-native platform with high availability, virtually unlimited scalability, flexibility and agility, purpose-built to solve B2B pricing, sales and commercial challenges. It features a data hub, formula and prediction engines, job workflow, and more.
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Zilliant Price IQ

Zilliant Price IQ is a B2B pricing optimization solution. Price IQ simultaneously accounts for all of the factors that influence price, measures price elasticity, and rationally aligns prices in accordance with business rules to produce optimized price guidance for each unique selling circumstance.
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Zilliant Price Manager

Zilliant Price Manager is a flexible pricing solution. Price Manager makes it easier to aggregate data, provides ample processing power to manipulate massive amounts of data, helps pricers understand the implications of each price change, and provides workflow to seek the necessary reviews and approvals.
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Zilliant Sales IQ

Zilliant Sales IQ is a predictive sales growth solution for B2B sales. Grow wallet share, recover lost business, pitch the right products and address contract compliance.
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Zilliant Sales Planner

Sales Planner is a sales planning solution that prompts sales reps to take the actions mostly likely to result in revenue and margin growth. Sales Planner helps sales reps prioritize and track accounts and actions to achieve growth targets.
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