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Melbourne, Florida, United States
Company Overview
Accent is a sales enablement technology company whose products are used by organizations in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Accent product suite is designed to enhance and strengthen revenue-generating initiatives through smarter planning and better customer engagement.
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Products and Services

Accent Connect

Accent Connect is a tool to manage sales and marketing content so it can be delivered on any device.
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Accent CRM Supercharger

Accent CRM Supercharger is an AI-driven guided selling solution. Use the power of AI to coach sellers in the field, uncover hidden buying team members, and simplify accurate forecasting.
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Accent MI

Accent MI is a marketing insight solution that helps users understand their sales content performance. The AI tells you precisely what content is being shared with buyers—even through email attachments—giving you 100% visibility into all content shared with buyers. It even gives insight on the key topics inside the content and how specific buyer personas respond.
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Accent SM

Accent SM is a comprehensive sales performance dashboard. The dashboard gives managers and leaders a complete picture of how deals are progressing and how reps and teams are performing. Engagement timelines and rep scorecards give managers and leaders unprecedented visibility and insight into sales performance.
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