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Melbourne, Florida, United States
Company Overview
Accent is a sales enablement technology company whose products are used by organizations in more than 100 countries worldwide. The Accent product suite is designed to enhance and strengthen revenue-generating initiatives through smarter planning and better customer engagement.
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Products and Services

Accent Accelerate

Accent Accelerate is a visual sales enablement platform that provides today's multi-channel, data driven sales processes with tracking, analytics and visualization tools to easily prioritize top opportunities and identify best practices.
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Accent Connect

Accent Connect is a B2B solution that aligns sales and marketing to facilitate more sales. Connect centralizes all content, streamlines and automates operations, and provides tools, resources and guidance to plan, prepare and engage buyers.
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Accent Present

Accent Present converts PowerPoint slides, images and video files into a searchable knowledge base for sales and marketing.
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Accent Share

Accent Share is an effective tool that empowers sales agents to engage every lead with a tailored buyer journey with features like personalized landing pages and targeted messages. The platform ensures that sales agents are tuned in to individual buyer needs so they can respond with the right message at just the right time.
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