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New York, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Cadreon is IPG Mediabrand’s Ad Tech unit, responsible for developing best-in-class programmatic technology solutions.
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Products and Services

Cadreon Advanced TV

Cadreon's Advanced TV platform combines the efficiencies of automation, the power of data, and the scale of TV to deliver targeted TV media advertising. Powered by IPG Mediabrands’ data stack, AMP, this proprietary technology applies digital advertising’s efficiency models to TV advertising for better, simpler, and faster TV campaigns.
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Cadreon Analytics

Cadreon Analytics combines cutting-edge technology, comprehensive data collection and savvy analysts to generate smart and effective media advertising.
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Cadreon Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Cadreon's programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solution allows you to tap into the most popular screen sizes in the highest trafficked locations. The platform reaches large-format screens like billboards; medium-size formats, including digital screens at public transit stops; and small-format screens in elevators or restaurant table tops.
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Cadreon Display

Cadreon Display empowers your brand with omnichannel data audiences, advanced contextual targeting, cross-platform syncing, and premium inventory sources to drive high caliber performance for your brand across the web, while optimizing in real-time against the audience.
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Cadreon Mobile

Cadreon Mobile helps users engage the most relevant audiences on any device across the consumer's path to purchase. Cadreon’s turnkey tactics enable Cross-device, Hyperlocal and App User Acquisition — for a user-centric approach to media spend.
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Cadreon Video

Cadreon Video is a feature-rich video campaign management solution. It connects brands to their desired audiences in real-time by delivering ads in brand-safe environments across all video formats, channels, and devices. With Cadreon Video, you can increase brand lift through dynamic, real-time optimization based on ad viewability and brand equity metrics.
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