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San Diego, California, United States
Company Overview
Infillion, formerly known as Gimbal, specializes in location-based software for mobile. Using a unique combination of geofencing, beacons and Mobile Location Analytics (LBA), the platform provides companies of all kinds with a powerful and personal way to engage with mobile app users wherever they go.
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Products and Services


AdCast is an all-in-one mobile demand side platform that gives your team full control of ads and media that are viewable, brand-safe, and effective. AdCast’s pre-bid evaluation filters out fraudulent, broken, and otherwise unviewable placements so that campaigns meet their objectives.
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AdKit is a rich media ad builder platform with universal delivery. Streamline ad creation to build and manage the best mobile rich media ads.
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AdScore is a pre-bid placement verification solution. AdScore ranks every possible piece of inventory so you know what will work and what won’t before you pay. AdScore assesses ad quality and app reputation to protect you from mobile fraud, such as stacked images, pixel fraud, bots, and unserved units. AdScore also ensures content appropriateness and delivers your ads to the right devices with the right capabilities.
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AdSynergy is the world's first vertically integrated mobile ad platform.
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AttnX is a connected TV advertising value-exchange ad experience product built for connected TVs, desktop, and mobile that secures consumers’ opt-in interest and respects their time and attention, before the ad experience begins. AttnX was built to bring the benefit of value-exchange consumer engagement to brands of any size, and guarantees interaction and greater than 30 seconds of exposure.
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AudienceArchitect is an advanced mobile data management platform. Start building your campaigns off its 109,000,000+ offline data profiles for the widest selection of verified mobile device users in the industry. AudienceArchitect leverages trillions of proprietary and 1st-party data points to provide a more complete suite of targeting options.
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Gimbal Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Beacons

Engage a customer’s mobile device from inches to 50 meters. Gimbal creates low-energy, Bluetooth™ beacons with maximum flexibility, scalability, and security in mind to ensure their clients are deploying the best micro‐location solution available. Know where your consumers are down to the inch by enabling beacons in your locations. All of Gimbal’s Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons connect your app to complete your customer’s journey – from the moment they enter your location until they leave. Gimbal offers beacons in a variety of sizes and form factors depending on your use case and battery needs.
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Gimbal Manager

Gimbal’s cloud-based location management console makes it simple, fast, and convenient to build, manage, and analyze your mobile campaigns and location infrastructure.
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Location Management Platform

The Gimbal location management platform helps you maximize your mobile strategy by providing the tools needed to design and deliver first-class mobile experiences at macro and micro-locations. Whether you are using Gimbal's best-in-class beacons or geofences, they provide you with tools to effectively run proximity and location-based mobile programs. Plus, Gimbal’s cloud-based management console makes it simple, fast, and convenient to build, manage, and analyze your location infrastructure.
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ShopX is a shoppable advertising product that promises a better way for brands to deliver their message and drive sales at scale across the open web. Provide shoppers with a seamless way to add products directly to a retailer’s cart and increase transactions in an opt-in environment where they are already engaged with your brand.
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