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Lead Liaison

Allen, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Lead Liaison is an application development company based in Allen, TX that designs, develops, and sells cloud-based marketing and sales automation software. The company markets to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide and was founded in 2008.
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Products and Services


Lead Liaison’s event lead capture and management solution, GoExhibit!, allows users to design custom forms, instantly provision mobile devices, and quickly capture leads onsite. Immediately segment, tag, follow up with, and nurture leads and track event analytics with GoExhibit!.
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Lead Management Automation (LMA)™

Lead Liaison Marketing Automation (LMA) platform helps companies create and drive demand to their websites then turn that demand into real-time, actionable, and measurable leads. The marketing automation engine is optimized to help sales and marketing teams build better relationships with prospects, customers and partners and boost productivity.
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ProspectVision is a website visitor tracking solution that also builds a rich prospect profile consisting of offline and online engagement with marketing email, direct mail, videos, sales emails, and documents.
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Sales Enablement

Lead Liaison Sales Enablement is a suite of sales solutions using systematic processes to accelerate sales. Includes account-based marketing tools (Rhythms), native emails sent from prospect profiles and a CRM where emails and threads are automatically joined to Prospect Profiles and visible in the timeline.
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SiteEngage is a website visitor engagement solution that converts anonymous website traffic into identified individuals using personalized popups or embedded content.
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