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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
Quantcast provides data-intelligence platforms, utilizing big data and machine learning to solve the biggest challenges in marketing and create more rewarding experiences across the digital landscape.
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Products and Services

Brand Lift Live by Quantcast

Brand Lift Live is an integrated, real-time survey solution that enables marketers to optimize campaigns continuously against the brand awareness and consideration metrics that really matter, rather than limiting substitute metrics such as viewability and click-through rate (CTR).
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Quantcast Advertise

Quantcast Advertise is a programmatic advertising solution that identifies behaviors unique to the best customers and tailors ad delivery to produce new customers efficiently.
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Quantcast Audience Grid

Quantcast Audience Grid is a data solution for digital advertising that helps every publisher, data provider and advertiser get more value from audience data for insights and targeting.
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Quantcast Choice

Quantcast Choice is a consent management platform. Quantcast Choice makes GDPR compliance possible, but makes it easier to manage the flow of consumer consent across your digital ecosystem. Among options available via Comcast Choice to the publisher are pop-ups and banners providing transparency into data use purposes and asking the consumer to grant consent for their data to be used in line with GDPR. Consumers will be able to easily access more granular privacy options from the same interface. Those consumer consent choices will then be applied when they engage with the rest of that site, and other sites and vendors using the IAB Europe Framework. Quantcast will continue to push updates to the product as the IAB Framework evolves.
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Quantcast Measure

Quantcast Measure provides cross-platform audience measurement for mobile app, site, network or platform. The platform provides traffic numbers, demographic and interest profiles by content read, features used or ad campaigns exposed, across all properties, mobile and web.
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