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Touchpoint Group

Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand
Company Overview
Touchpoint Group is a SaaS company, specialising in cloud-based customer-centric digital marketing solutions. Covering all stages of the customer interaction journey, Touchpoint Group can help you design & execute omni-channel digital marketing with TouchpointMX, a Marketing Automation platform. Consolidate, monitor & action all VoC interactions with Touchpoint CX, a Customer Experience (CX) Management platform, and analyse all facets of your unstructured customer feedback data using AI technology with Touchpoint Ipiphany, a customer analytics insights platform.
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Products and Services


AI Powered Customer Insights, Ipiphany helps you understand the 'Why'.Read & analyse your unstructured digital feedback & CRM data in minutes to uncover key factors influencing changes in brand or product perception and engagement. Find out in granular detail issues such as why your NPS score is decreasing, why review site rankings are dropping or why employee satisfaction has changed. Touchpoint Ipiphany can define the root-cause, mitigate issues and rank them on business impact giving you key insights into what to action first. The outcomes: increased customer satisfaction and retention, increased business efficiencies, reduced costs.
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Touchpoint CX

A cloud-based Customer Experience (CX) Management platform that executes and consolidates Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback data in a unified dashboard with an interactive resolution system and analytics reporting function.
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Touchpoint MX

Touchpoint MX is a cloud-based omni channel marketing automation solution that helps businesses of all sizes design, automate and manage marketing campaigns across various email, mobile & digital platforms all brought together by a unified dashboard & reporting function.
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