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Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Company Overview
BlueCamroo combines CRM, Project Management, Customer Support, Time Tracking, Expense Management, Billing, Social CRM, Email Marketing, Business Workflow, Process Automation and other essential business services in an affordable solution. All of BlueCamroo’s features have been architected to work as part of a fully-integrated system, allowing information to flow seamlessly throughout all available free or paid extensions. BlueCamroo is offered through a unique User-Role subscription model which allows companies to pick and choose single or multiple user roles for their team members ensuring that they are only paying for the features that each user needs: CRM Free Sales Projects Support Complete
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Products and Services

BlueCamroo Complete

BlueCamroo Complete is a truly comprehensive business solution designed to help SMBs manage their customer relationships, supporting them, delivering Projects, and ultimately to efficiently run and grow their business. It combines the feature sets of CRM Free with Sales & Marketing, Projects, and Support, is easy to access from one single login point. Any company where employees wear many hats will gain significant benefits from BlueCamroo Complete. It provides an eagle-eye view of the whole business, enhanced with multiple dashboards and fully customizable reports, which also helps to greatly improve transparency throughout the business, making it the perfect solution for management. BlueCamroo Complete gives companies a true picture of their customer relationships, and their entire lifecycle. It connects many areas of the business, permitting users to see all their interactions with their customers, making it easier to support them, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
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BlueCamroo Sales

The Sales Extension adds a number of essential business features on top of CRM Free that streamline the sales process, automate business processes, analyze detailed sales data, and promote better relationships with customers, which ultimately helps to sell more. Sales Extension users gain access to Sales Dashboard, Sales Quotes, Cost Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoicing, Time Tracking & Billing, Expense Management with Approval, Social Monitoring, Marketing Automation, Website Development Platform, Workflow Automation Engine and much more. BlueCamroo Sales combined with CRM Free lets you work with your prospects and customers even smarter and more efficiently and boosts your sales in the process.
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BlueCamroo Support

It is well known that keeping a customer is much easier than acquiring a new one, which is why having a structured customer support system is crucial for any business. BlueCamroo Support users gain access to a world-class ticketing system to quickly respond to customer issues, an external user portal so clients can track their issues, a support knowledge database to quickly answer common questions, and more. Businesses can measure the time needed to resolve any issue and track how their support teams are performing to ensure they are in compliance with their SLA Agreements.
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