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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Foursquare is a New York-based company that features an app by the same name, a popular online community that capitalizes on the GPS-enabled mobile device market. Using geolocation to allow global users to search and discover places of interest in their surrounding area, Foursquare allows users to post pictures, tips and recommendations of places they visit. Foursquare also offers Swarm, a social networking app that allows users to “check in” at locations and meet up with friends.
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Products and Services


Foursquare is a popular online community tool that uses geolocation on smart phones to allow users to search and discover places of interest in their surrounding area as they're out and about, from restaurants to hardware stores to theatres and everything in between. The app gives users the ability to post pictures, tips and recommendations about the businesses they visit. The businesses can claim their Foursquare profiles and gain control over the interaction with an engaged clientele.
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Foursquare Location Intelligence for Enterprise

Foursquare Location Intelligence for Enterprise is an attribution platform that uses location data to attribute in-store visits directly to specific media strategies, reach custom audiences based on where they go in the real world and measure results.
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Pilgrim SDK

Pilgrim SDK is a a software development kit that can help 3rd-party apps leverage the real-world location of its subscribers, sending them notifications anywhere in the world. Pilgrim is the technology behind Foursquare City Guide and Swarm. Marketers can leverage the Pilgrim SDK in their own apps, integrating local marketing with marketing automation software.
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Placed Attribution

Placed Attribution is an omnichannel attribution tool, tracking activity from mobile in-app & web, desktop, display, video, paid search, OTT, linear and addressable TV, and OOH advertising.
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Placed Targeting

Placed Targeting is a customer targeting tool built with features for segmentation, location and visitation patterns, and 90MM validated business locations to generate geo-targeting campaigns.
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Swarm is a social networking app by FourSquare that enables consumers to keep up and meet up with friends as well as see who’s out nearby or who wants to hang out later. Swarm runs on Pilgrim, enabling the platform to send consumers push notifications with relevant messages about new restaurants, area recommendations and more.
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