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Walldorf, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Company Overview
SAP is a multinational leader in enterprise business application software and services. In business for more than 40 years, the German company specializes in advanced tools for CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence and many more applications and platforms designed to manage every part of the enterprise. The SAP family of solutions is in use in nearly 300,000 installations in 190 countries. In 2018 SAP acquired experience management platform Qualtrics for $8 billion (U.S.) in cash.
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Products and Services

Channel Manager

CallidusCloud acquired by SAP in 2018 and integrated into their Sales Cloud offering provides a suite of tools that can be beneficial for channel managers within its Cloud Revenue Management (CRM) solution including: Partner relationship management (PRM), Channel incentive management (CIM), Performance management, Deal registration and management, and Co-operative marketing management.
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Ruum by SAP translates your business processes into actual project plans – enabling your teams to deliver at their best. Ruum delivers the benefits of project management to everybody in the enterprise. Task management, timelines, file storage and team collaboration – as easy to use as email and with 1 click setup.
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SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is an analytics platform for business intelligence and collaborative planning. Its capabilities include tools for business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics, all in a single solution. Customers and partners can build, embed and extend their own analytical applications for data analysis, planning and prediction with a dedicated software development kit (SDK).
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SAP Ariba Network

SAP Ariba Network helps buyers and suppliers from more than 3.6 million businesses, operating in more than 190 countries, discover new opportunities, collaborate on transactions, and grow their relationships. Buyers can manage the entire purchasing process, while controlling spending, finding new sources of savings, and building a healthy supply chain. And suppliers can connect with profitable customers and efficiently scale existing relationships – simplifying sales cycles and improving cash control along the way. The result is a dynamic, digital marketplace, where USD 2.3 trillion in goods and services are traded every year.
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SAP Build

SAP Build is a low-code solution that puts SAP’s world-class enterprise technology in the hands of business users, giving them direct, secure access to the end-to-end processes, data and context they need to make smarter decisions and drive innovation quickly. SAP Build empowers business users with minimal technical expertise to create and augment enterprise applications, automate processes, and design business sites with drag-and-drop simplicity.
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SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is a comprehensive e-commerce platform designed for large enterprises to manage their online sales and customer experiences.
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SAP Conversational AI

SAP Conversational AI is a chatbot development platform that helps you automate your business processes and improve customer support with AI chatbots. Become the ultimate intelligent enterprise by building powerful conversational agents in a heartbeat. With SAP Conversational AI, you can easily design complex conversational flows fueled by a powerful artificial intelligence.
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SAP Customer Data Platform

SAP Customer Data Platform enables marketers to activate rich customer insights to deliver hyper-personalized experiences in real time, while maintaining the data’s purpose. Unify all customer data sources, respect data privacy, and activate rich insights in real time to exceed customer expectations across all types of customer engagements. SAP Customer Data Platform bridges online and offline data to help you understand your customers and deliver relevant, trusted, and personalized engagements.
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SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (SAP CIAM)

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (SAP CIAM) is a platform for customer identity and access for B2B enterprises. SAP CIAM is a solution to secure identity, consent and access control with built-in authorization processes, helping organizations manage customer and partner data. The solutions help clients grant third parties access to first-party data and exchange sensitive or intellectual property without exposing themselves to security, legal and regulatory risk.
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SAP Customer Relationship Management

The SAP suite of CRM solutions include a comprehensive, flexible and highly customizable toolset that covers a range of needs for sales, marketing, support and professional service professionals. Enterprises select the right-sized CRM modules for total customer relationship management from initial estimates and price quotes to customer service ticketing, on-site support, billing and analytics.
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SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere, the next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, is a comprehensive data service that delivers seamless and scalable access to mission-critical business data. SAP provides a unified experience for data integration, data cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, data federation, and data virtualization. SAP Datasphere enables data professionals to easily distribute mission-critical business data, with business context and logic preserved, across the data landscape.
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SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris offers a full suite of Enterprise Consent and Preference Management tools. This allows users to build customer relationships based on transparency and control.
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SAP Litmos LMS

The SAP Litmos Learning Management System—usually referred to as an LMS—is a platform that powers training for today’s intelligent enterprise. It’s the engine behind some of the most sophisticated training programs in the world with the capacity to scale to millions of users, a next-gen feature set, and an interface best known for streamlined simplicity and incredible ease-of-use. A cloud-based solution that unifies virtual, classroom, mobile, and social learning, SAP Litmos LMS empowers training departments, sales and service leaders, safety and compliance managers, and HR teams to collaborate, author, globally distribute, and track web-based training courses, as well as schedule and track instructor-led courses. It automates formerly burdensome tasks so that teams can focus their energy on aligning training with the company’s strategic agenda.
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