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New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Yext provides local cloud-computing services for marketers to manage their geodata and content and connect it everywhere to deliver localized campaigns across channels like ads, listings, landing pages, and other surfaces.
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Products and Services

Yext Analytics

Yext Analytics is a customer engagement intelligence solution. Purpose-built to show a true picture of your performance across sites, platforms, and devices, Yext helps you measure not only how well you rank in search, but how many of the facts that consumers see about your business you truly control.
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Yext Answers

Yext Answers is a site search product that understands natural language and puts dynamic answers on your website to help consumers convert — right in the search results. Leveraging BERT, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, Yext Answers improves its ability to distinguish locations from other types of entities, including people, jobs, and events.
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Yext Chat

Yext Chat is a conversational AI that empowers organizations to create conversational experiences with cutting-edge AI. Leverage multiple large language models (LLMs) including GPT-3 to deliver a natural language chat experience that's safe, reliable, and easy to manage. Use your own information and rest easy knowing that responses will always be accurate.
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Yext Content

Yext Content is a headless CMS built on a foundation of AI and knowledge graph technology. Yext Content leverages AI along with data from across a company’s business to unlock conversational AI, automated data cleaning, and content-generation workflows.
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Yext Knowledge Graph

Your Knowledge Graph is the single source of truth online for the many public facts about your brand. Whether it’s information about a product offering, store location, job opening, or professional credentials, you’ll be able to provide people with actionable answers to the questions they’re already asking.
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Yext Listings

Yext Listings puts you in control of the facts about your business across 150+ digital services globally. Direct integrations enable you to manage all of the facts about your brand from one central source of truth, ensuring consumers find accurate information about your business — no matter where they search.
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Yext Listings Recommendations

Yext Listings Recommendations is an innovative AI-powered solution that provides proactive insights and suggestions to help brands optimize their online business listings and improve digital discoverability.
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Yext Pages

Yext makes it easy to set up integrated, locally-relevant web pages for each company location, completely synced with unique local content like menus, promotions, and staff bios, alongside the basic corporate information.
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Yext Reviews

Yext Reviews allow you to monitor and respond to your reviews across the Knowledge Network, uncovering new opportunities to improve your operations and win more business. And you can generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers, which can help you stand out in today’s new search experiences.
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Yext Support Answers

Support Answers is a suite of AI-powered customer support solutions that simplifies self-service and streamlines the resolution journey not just for customers who search for information on a business’s website, but also for customer support agents who look for information in their internal portals while guiding customers through troubleshooting. Yext’s Support Answers includes solutions such as, Help Site Search, Case Form Deflection, Agent Desktop Search, SEO for Help Center, In-App Support, and Yext’s Knowledge Base. The Yext Knowledge Graph stores and maps the relationships between your help articles, guides, FAQs, tutorials, product manuals, and other data sources, and brings it all together into a single, unified search experience.
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