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Santa Clara, California, United States
Company Overview
Brillio is a global technology company focused on digital transformation. They develop and deploy disruptive solutions that help their customers compete better and capture business value faster.
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Products and Services

Brillio BOLT

When you develop software, understanding the Value stream and removing bottlenecks is integral to ensuring the fastest time to market and the highest quality. This can be achieved through eliminating the data “silos” created by multiple tools usage and creating insights which expose these bottlenecks. Brillio BOLT™ is a platform that provides a uniquely valuable window into the development process for software engineering and application development across the entire software lifecycle. Brillio BOLT™ uses best-in-class engineering tools to generate correlated insights on a single platform so that you can understand exactly what’s happening at every step of the development/deployment lifecycle—and, crucially, so you can act on them appropriately for predictable delivery with superior quality.
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Brillio Digital Engineering Platform

The Brillio Digital Engineering Platform is a plug-n-play digital platform that helps organizations build digital solutions leveraging the best of breed digital architectures and technologies stack. Brillio's Digital Engineering Platform approach deconstructs the entire digital process into four bundles that are designed to give you a high level of automation and acceleration in the design and development of digital assets.
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Brillio Intelligent Capture

Brillio Intelligent Capture solution is an integrated yet modular platform which handles high quality scanning of documents, derive actionable business insights and present information intuitively, thus enabling enterprises to serve the customers, partners and employees better. This solution is based on the principles of intelligent image processing, content extraction, auto-form update, machine learning and automation, which not only helps companies in digitizing their paper records, but also in automating the entire process with continuous improvements in the process through machine learning. This solution is complemented with powerful analytical tools which provides actionable insights.
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Brillio OptiGST

Brillio’s OptiGST Solution caters to the statutory requirements of India's Goods and Services Tax for corporations doing business in India. It is an add-on solution for SAP ERP which provides business solution for compliance requirements for the Goods and Services Tax regime. With the subject matter expertise in Indirect Taxation & Techno-functional exposure to business scenarios mapped in SAP, Brillio’s OptiGST Solution has been developed with close collaboration with industry leaders in various verticals like FMCG, Manufacturing, Services & Pharma.
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Brillio Shelf Scanner

Brillio Shelf Scanner™ for CPG companies provides real time insights on retail execution using Brillio’s proprietary Image Analytics technology and data science capabilities so you can boost your decision making and focus on selling rather than other lower value tasks which should be automated. This solution helps the central team get deeper execution insights for brands analyzing trends and relationship by store, region, retailer, or brands all in real-time.
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Brillio SmarTEST

Ensure a better customer experience with a testing solution designed for today’s digital applications: Brillio SmarTEST™, a more intelligent, more automated approach to enterprise application quality assurance. Features, functions, and digital platforms evolve continuously, making it harder than ever to assure a high-quality experience for users and consumers in a timely way. Demanding users and consumers in a competitive environment make quality more important than ever before, and that makes testing more important than ever before. Brillio created their SmarTEST™ platform to make the testing process more automated, more intelligent, and much, much faster. Brillio SmarTEST™ combines their immense domain expertise and deep experience with testing technologies and best practices to ensure your systems and applications deliver quality—quality in terms of data, performance, and user experience. Don’t just test because you have to; test because it gives you a competitive advantage.
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Brillio SmartEye

Brillio SmartEye™ optimizes the supply chain by leveraging advanced image recognition technology to identify items on the shelf and compare with shelf history or predefined guidelines with 95%+ reliability. Product Shelf information is captured with just one simple click on a mobile device and is analyzed in real time. Brillio SmartEye™ also integrates seamlessly with Brillio’s powerful Order Management solution and Central Team dashboard to capture insights and recommend actions for both field and corporate teams.
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Brillio Social Profiling

Every sales, marketing and customer service professional wants detailed information about their prospects to help them craft personalized conversations that can turn them into customers. Brillio's Social Profiling Solution allows you to learn real-time, relevant information about prospects by reeling in online data available through search, social and different company sources before analyzing it and presenting it to the user in a simple and actionable way. Users can extract this intelligence (e.g., where prospects work, their likes and dislikes, their comments on social networks) to better prepare for the sales process or a negotiation, and utilize features of Brillio Social Profiling to assign individuals to pre-defined segments that allow for a more personalized conversation. Brillio Social Profiling synthesizes data in real-time from a wide range of sources and platforms, including Social (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+), Internal CRMs systems (e.g., Siebel, NetSuite) and Transactional (e.g., SAP, Oracle) data sources to provide a more complete picture of your prospect.
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Brillio Supply Chain Optimization Suite

Brillio Supply Chain Optimization Suite is an automated pre-integrated stack that enables what-if analysis and cost modeling to optimize supply chain operations. It helps the supply chain operations teams solve optimization problems such as identifying warehouse locations, maintaining serviceability, ideal production mix, inventory management and procurement while saving costs and time. Brillio Supply Chain Optimization Suite aggregates data from multiple disparate sources in easy to understand and flexible formats. Flexible simulations are run on defined optimization problems, business objectives, and constraints with the right optimization algorithm. Data updates require minimal IT intervention and visualized results are available on automated & highly inituitive dashboards for easy access and transparency.
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CoreDais helps organizations quickly and painlessly break down the barriers in accessing large volumes of data and structuring information into desired formats cost-effectively. It gives the edge of a robust and efficient single-source multi-channel publishing system ensuring efficiency, neutrality, flexibility, consistency and portability.
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Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA)

Your competition is busy building their big data strategy and platforms to fuel their growth right now. Is your business prepared and fueled for growth? Brillio’s Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA) is a powerful platform where the latest and best-of-breed technology, processes and workflows, and people, are all brought together in one integrated system to deliver big data business value. A simple and well-designed interface with tools and options breaks down Big Data complexity into simplified routines and tasks. BDP is a comprehensive, end-to-end data management solution for analytics. It is customizable, optimized, and meets modern big data scale, governance, and security high standards and requirements. It grows and flexes as business needs expand and change. It is a readily integrated platform that has built in components to ingest data from heterogeneous sources, process, analyse and visualize with a user friendly UI.
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Enterprise on the Go

Brillio’s Enterprise on the Go is a suite of mobile applications that empowers employees to access your critical business applications from anywhere. Employees can execute essential workflows such as Office Space reservations, Travel and Expense Management, Leave/Vacation requests, and Call/Task Management. The solution integrates seamlessly with many enterprise systems such as SAP, NetSuite or Salesforce to ensure all processes and workflows get synced in near real-time. Enterprise on the Go brings mobility to new or existing processes that are unique to your organization and seamlessly integrates pre-built platform adapters and connectors.
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Cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are the key to delivering richer, more sophisticated shopping experiences. With Brillio Grasp™ you can create a personalized shopping cart for your customers knowing exactly what they want and offer accurate recommendations too. Brillio Grasp, a retail focused solution creates a personalized shopping list for each customer to help them save time and money, at the same time building trust and preference for the retailer.
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Intellisense brings together end-to-end capabilities needed for better and easier order generation: data management, analytics to mobile app development and system integration. CPG companies have to constantly deal with growing competition and consumer expectation while driving profits. Companies need to look at maximizing sales of their products to retail outlets in a manner that boosts retail sales and footfalls while maintaining optimum inventory. In a nutshell, you need sales force with account recommendations on what to promote and in what quantity. Brillio Intellisense does exactly that by enabling salesmen with better and easy order generation.
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Is it possible to achieve high forecasting accuracy and increase the ROI concurrently? Yes, it is with the Brillio Optifore. Get an upper hand over competitors with the world class predictive analytics and customized model - Brillio Optifore, an advanced forecasting solution.
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OptiMigrate provides white glove SAP to Azure migration with confidence. OptiMigrate reduces the discovery effort by 30% leveraging Brillio’s questionnaire based toolkit, and reduces the overall migration timeline by 28% by leveraging Brillio IP’s and Accelerators.
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Still wondering how to allocate accurate promotion budgets for better results and opportunities? Determine your ROI on marketing efforts and control future spends with Brillio OptiMix. OptiMix builds “what-if" scenarios to help you determine the right promotion budget allocations, synchronize promotional execution, and evaluate promotional effectiveness in real time across multiple channels, regions, brands and SKUs.
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Predict outcomes and estimate price changes with high level of accuracy with Brillio OptiPrice. Brillio uses econometric and network effect modeling to estimate price sensitivities and control for all major internal and external factors. Evaluate volume and shares sensitivity to price changes, and cross-product dependencies to model different scenarios to predict volume, financial and share outcomes accurately with Brillio OptiPrice.
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RADAR's metric driven approach helps the development team to identify performance bottlenecks at the right stages, and helps the business to identify the right scale based on right usage of infrastructure. Its Plug & Play architecture allows you to leverage your existing investments.
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SAM (Smart Asset Management)

With billions of dollars of investment in assets, the utility industry faces major issues monitoring their assets and supplying energy to customers without interruptions. The health of an asset hugely impacts its lifecycle, making its management challenging and expensive. You can change all that with Brillio SAM (Smart Asset Management) that helps you maintain asset health and keep track of inventory. Brillio’s SAM (Smart Asset Management) helps predict the failure of critical assets by real time health monitoring. It leverages the unique methodology (DGA) combined with ambient sensor data and prescribes the Repair/Replace vs Refurbish decisions.
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Voice of Customer

With Voice of Customer, convert mere voices into meaningful narratives, recognize behavior patterns, personal needs and wants, obtain feedback in real-time, build loyalty & gain business edge. Catalyze customer insight across (structured & unstructured) data, wire into Brillio's decision making systems and measure impact to leverage innovative business strategies, operations, product development and communication.
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