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Mountain View, California, United States
Company Overview
Founded in 2003, LinkedIn has grown to become a popular business-focused social network site that enables members to display professional profiles, work samples, to foster professional connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients. The company is located in Mountain View, California.
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Products and Services


LinkedIn is a free business social networking site that allows users who register to create a professional profile visible to others.
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LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator allows you to deliver high-quality leads to your sales teams by engaging prospects anywhere online with relevant ads and content. Retired as of February 2016.
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LinkedIn Onsite Display

LinkedIn Display Advertising is an ad solution that enables users to track the impact of display ads through built-in campaign and website analytics.
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LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a professional news application. It enables its users to customize their news-reading experiences, easily explore compelling professional content, and share stories on their favorite social networks.
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a social selling solution that enables sales teams to find the right prospects using a sophisticated algorithm. Available in Professional Edition and Team Edition, LinkedIn added Enterprise addition in March 2017. Enterprise Edition offers additional features such as more allowed InMails per month.
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics is designed to create a seamless experience between Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics, saving your reps valuable time. Get sales updates including news mentions and job changes when viewing CRM records. All CRM Integrations require Sales Navigator Team edition or above.
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LinkedIn Text Ads

LinkedIn Text Ads is a self-service pay per click (PPC) advertising platform. Advertisers select the professional audience they want to reach, easily create text ads, and pay only for the ads that yield results on a Pay-per-Click (PPC) or per impression basis.
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LinkedIn Website Demographics

LinkedIn Website Demographics is a free reporting tool that shows marketers what types of professionals are coming to a website. Website Demographics uses data from LinkedIn’s 500+ million members to provide insight into your company’s website visitors while also respecting member privacy.
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Sign In with LinkedIn

Sign In with Linked In is a user registration SDK that enables users to register and log in to any website with their Linked In authentication credentials.
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Sponsored Content

LinkedIn Sponsored Content is a tool enabling users to publish content directly to a LinkedIn feed. The solution identifies prospects by targeting content based on up-to-date LinkedIn profiles, using fields like job title, industry, seniority, field of study, and skills.
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Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail is a native email tool that enables users to send personalized content directly to member LinkedIn Inboxes.
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