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Itaca, New York, United States
Company Overview
Claritas is the preferred choice of companies who wish to optimize their segmentation, customer targeting and media strategies. Claritas helps business attract the best customers through understanding the demographic characteristics, lifestyle behaviors and purchase preferences that drive customer decisions. Claritas solutions answer questions such as:
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Products and Services

Barometric Ad Serving

Barometric leverages its state-of-the-art deterministic and probabilistic methodologies for post-click and post-view attribution. Their Probabilistic+ proprietary algorithms allow them to tie together mobile-web and app environments. Barometric accomplishes multi-touch attribution by linking exposures back to the originating households. Barometric serves ads to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. They support a variety of ad units, including banners, video and rich media. Barometric serves JS, image pixel, VAST and click tracker tags. They have no attribution bias since we are completely media partner and channel agnostic. Device identification is not cookie dependent. Barometric uses deterministic and probabilistic methodologies instead.
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Barometric Cross Device Measurement

Barometric is a powerful one-pixel solution offering advertisers actionable, unified, cross-environment insights and analysis in the form of easily-understood reporting. Powered by the most advanced cross-environment measurement platform in media today, Barometric attributes exposures from any environment to both online and offline conversions. Barometric is the only technology platform capable of collecting data points across all environments — such as web, app, rich media, video, direct mail, TV, social and more — and matching these multiple IDs to a single user, resulting in superior attribution. Utilizing a proprietary ID bridging technology, Barometric tracks digital media engagements and conversions across all environments - mobile, desktop, email, paid search, direct mail, offline purchases, physical visits and more.
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Barometric Direct Mail Measurement & Attribution

Barometric's device graph allows brands to onboard CRM data in order to measure direct mail campaign impact and close the loop between online and offline consumer activity. Gain insight into mail delivery and campaign performance with Barometric's post-campaign reporting. Understand consumer shopping behavior across environments to determine future planning. Barometric leverages their cross-environment map to link device IDs to household addresses for a seamless cross-channel branding experience.
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Barometric Free Invalid Traffic Monitoring

Barometric's core business tracks paid media and attributes it to conversions within many environments. With this knowledge, they have become an industry leader in detecting fraudulent web activity. Invalid traffic (IVT) comes in all shapes and sizes. Barometric breaks down traffic by type, including good and bad bots, datacenter traffic and non-human behavior.
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Barometric TV Measurement

With a combination of data partners that capture TV audiences and Barometric’s cross environment device graph, advertisers and agencies can now see how television commercials impact digital conversions or offline KPIs. Barometric provides the report that shows correlation for optimal planning, buying and optimizing of your media.
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Barometric Visitation Tracking

Barometric provides ad measurement with physical visit tracking. They use precise, unique, at-scale mobile location data and insights on consumers' real-world behavior trends to ensure the most accurate tracking. Signals collected, including GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and motion sensors, ensure the highest degree of location tracking available. Frequency and dwell analysis confirms the data represents a consumer's true offline behavior and intent. Sample metrics include: unique visits, foot traffic, day part insights and foot-traffic lift.
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Claritas ConneXions integrates consumer usage of technology with demographics and lifestyle attributes to enable companies focused on technology to use smart data to drive their marketing strategies. Exclusive to ConneXions is Claritas Technodoption, a proprietary Claritas model that measures a household's willingness to adopt new technology.
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P$YCLE helps marketers looking for customer-specific financial and investment behaviors. Craft a story that leads to sales by using P$YCLE, our proven proprietary Income Producing Asset (IPA) measure combined with demographic factors such as income, age, children/dependents, and home ownership. P$YCLE has a unique range of applications for financial marketing, providing all of the external linkages necessary for the company-wide integration of a single customer concept.
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Prizm Premier

PRIZM Premier combines demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data to help marketers find and engage their customers and prospects. PRIZM Premier defines households with 68 demographically and behaviorally distinct segments discerning consumers’ likes, dislikes, lifestyles and purchase behaviors in a way that’s contextual and easy to communicate and activate. PRIZM Premier segments summarize complex consumer profiles in a way that is intuitive and easy to communicate. PRIZM Premier's 68 segments are defined according to socioeconomic rank, including characteristics such as income, education, occupation and home value as well as 11 Lifestage Groups and 14 Social Groups. PRIZM Premier Social Groups are based on urbanization and socioeconomic rank. PRIZM Premier Lifestage Groups are based on age, socioeconomic rank, and the presence of children at home.
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