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Reston, Virginia, United States
Company Overview
comScore is a global digital analytics company featuring a line of audience, advertising and Enterprise Big Data analytics products for use across a wide variety of industries. comScore handles well over 1.6 trillion interactions each month from 172 different countries, which is nearly equal to 40% of the monthly page views of the entire Internet.
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Products and Services

Action Lift

Action Lift measures total ad campaign performance, correlating how the campaign impacted consumer search behaviors and paid search clicks.
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Brand Survey Lift

Brand Survey Lift (BSL) is a survey-based solution that measures the overall branding impact of a campaign as well as the specific lift contribution by publisher, data provider and creative.
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Brand Survey Lift Pulse (BSL Pulse)

Brand Survey Lift Pulse (BSL Pulse) is part of comScore’s Advertising Analytics product line. It’s designed to enable advertisers, agencies and publishers to quickly understand which variables are driving the highest brand lift.
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Comscore Audience Activation

comScore Activation is a suite of pre-bid audience and content segments that enables clients to reach the right person in the right place with the right message. Powered by flagship products and proprietary contextualization technology, comScore Activation provides actionable page- and person-level insights to help media buyers and sellers improve campaign relevance and effectiveness in programmatic.
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Media Metrix

Media Metrix is an audience measurement solution that provides a complete view into the consumption habits of an audience as well as the competitive set, along with demographics and cross-visitation information.
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Mobile Metrix

Mobile Metrix is an audience measurement solution that captures total mobile audience behavior on browsers and apps across smartphones and tablets.
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Offline Sales Lift

Offline Sales Lift is a measurement solution that links digital marketing investment with offline sales conversions.
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Video Metrix Multi-Platform

comScore Video Metrix MultiPlatiform delivers a single, unduplicated measure of digital video consumption across desktop, smartphone, tablet and over-the-top (OTT) devices. Premium video content and advertising can be planned, bought and sold across platforms using TV-comparable GRP metrics that measure audience engagement.
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