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Provo, Utah, United States
Company Overview
Qualtrics, an SAP SE company, is an enterprise survey platform that enables organizations to collect, analyze, and act on voice of the customer, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, 360-degree reviews, brand, market, product concept, and employee feedback.
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Products and Services

Brand XM

With Qualtrics Brand Experience, organizations can strengthen brand equity, improve brand perceptions, and optimize your brand and communication strategy—all with software that’s as easy to use as everyday email. Capture and act on real-time feedback from every touchpoint - from advertising and social media through to customer experience. Integrate your brand, customer, and employee experience data with operational data from across the business to find out what’s really driving your results.
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Employee Experience

Qualtrics introduces the first and only Employee ExperienceTM management platform that helps companies reduce unwanted attrition, improve employee engagement, develop top performers, and build strong teams, by optimizing the employee experience.
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Product Experience

Product Experience Manager allows marketers to use feedback from every stage of product development. Using the Qualtrics Conjoint XM solution, Qualtrics identifies preferences that consumers have for different features by automating the testing and analysis of various package combinations. Cojoint XM includes Willingness to Pay, which calculates and surfaces insights on the amount a customer is willing to pay for a new offering, and Dual Choice Conjoint, which allows companies to more accurately predict the likelihood of purchase for various product configurations.
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Qualtrics CoreXM

Qualtrics CoreXM is a research platform offering brands single solution for experience data and marketing and brand research. Using features for segmentation & targeting, market sizing, internal feedback and simple polling users can leverage their data for decisions on strategy.
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Qualtrics Customer Experience

Qualtrics Customer Experience is the world’s most agile platform for customer experience improvement, making it easy for companies to monitor, respond, and improve every key moment along the customer journey and incorporate customer feedback into every decision. Leverages Frontline Feedback feature, a collaboration tool that helps customer experience (CX) leaders collect, prioritize, and act on customer, employee, and product feedback by putting the voice of employees at the heart of their CX program.
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Qualtrics iQ

Qualtrics iQ is a predictive analytics tool that turns raw customer and employee data into actionable insights. Qualtrics iQ uncovers trends in survey data, identifies the drivers behind those trends and recommends fruitful courses of action. The platform includes customer data, employee data, product data and brand data to inform these recommendations.
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