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Ternopil, Ukraine
Company Overview
Magefan is a rapidly growing development team, gathered together in October 2015 which develops and supports eCommerce stores based on Magento and Magento 2. Magefan Extensions for Magento 2 are currently used on thousands of online shops all over the globe with clients operating in the USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine.
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Products and Services

Magento 2 Alternate Hreflang Extension

Do you plan to move your website to the global level with the goal of reaching out to a wider range of customers worldwide? Were there situations when switching to different store view didn't work? Have your customers ever complained about being constantly directed to the store view in different languages? If the answer to any of the above is Yes you better keep reading. any store switching issues happen because of the absence of the alternate tags on your website. Alternate tags are tags you set for different pages of your website to define that there are alternative pages for the corresponding one in some different languages. Setting hreflang tags for your website pages you help Google know which pages to direct your customers. This helps to avoid content duplication, store switching issues and improve your website's SEO since you reach a wider audience from all over the world.
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Magento 2 Auto Currency Switcher Extension

In case you have the intention of selling globally and reach a wider range of customers you have to take care of not only your website's content but prices as well so that people coming to your store conveniently find prices displayed in their local currency. USD is a universally recognized currency together with EUR, but it might be hard for people to decide if it is worth buying something since it is better for them to see how much it cost in their currency. That is what Magento 2 Auto Currency extension was created for. It automatically converts prices on your store and displays them to your customers in their local currency using the GeoIP database which defines customers' location.
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Magento 2 Auto Language Switcher Extension

Moving your store to the global level is neither easy nor fast process. It requires a lot of time and effort to launch and even more to manage. But is it worth it as since it offers you a lot of opportunities. First thing you have to pay attention to is the language. As many countries you want to cover as many language packs you need to install on your store. Magento 2 naturally has a store switching tool which allows you, customers, to switch to the corresponding store view one they are on your website. But is really convenient for your users to constantly use the store switcher? Magento 2 Auto Language Switcher using the GeoIP database displays customer the store view in their local language. In order to define which store view to direct customers the extension analyzes customers' location or browser language is analyzed.
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Magento 2 Blog Extension

While everyone is so desperately looking for some best SEO improving or sales-boosting modules in order to drive more traffic to their websites they forget about the value of a blog. Content is king, so why don't use it as a main traffic generator? Magento 2 Blog in the extension that allows you to manage your store and blog FROM ONE PLACE which is very convenient. It is the professional marketing tool with the best SEO practices and social promotion features that will help you generate more traffic to your website, acquire new customers and increase your website's profit and that all by regularly writing on some relevant topics. With Magento 2 Blog Extension you will be able to: - create blog posts, categories and tags - optimize your blog meta information - set the advanced permalinks for your blog posts - establish a relationship with your customers through blog comments - configure internal links (next&previuos posts) - configure blog sidebar widgets - structure your posts with the Magento 2 page builder
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Magento 2 CMS Display Rules Extension

Running promotional campaigns never been so easy with Magento 2 CMS Display Rules extension! Magento 2 allows you to create CMS Block and Pages and display them in a worm of widgets. However, there definitely is an information or special offers you would like to share with some separate groups of customers. Magento 2 CMS Display Rule extension allows you to differentiate the info you would like to share with your customers. You can show and hide CMS blocks and Pages from to different groups of customers, display static blocks and pages by date, weekday and even the exact time of the day. Besides, there are available customer shopping cart and product attributes you can set the conditions CMS blocks and pages will be displayed under. With such customization tools, you can manage CMS Display Blocks and Pages easier and reach out to target audience only with your promotional information.
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Magento 2 Command Line Interface Extension

Don't have ssh access to your server or just do not want to use it? Magento 2 Command Line Interface allows you to run CLI commands easily form Magento 2 admin panel over PHP function and make reindex without PuTTY.
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Magento 2 Conflict Detector

Magento 2 Conflict Detector Extension allows you to detect class rewrite conflicts easily from Magento 2 admin panel.
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Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer Extension

Want to create a great customer experience but don't want to force your customers to register? I tell you it's possible! It is known that people are more careful now that ever when it comes to sharing their personal data on the web. That is why they tend to avoid long registration processes unwilling to share any data and place orders as a guest user. Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer extension allows you to convert guest orders to customer accounts in one click or to set this process to be automatic. That allows you to gather customers' data and create a great user experience without any pressure and login enforcement.
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Magento 2 Dynamic Categories Extension

Magento 2 Categories are a great solution for online stores since they help merchants to organize their products and for customers to easily narrow down products they intend to find. Having a big store and correspondingly selling thousands of products it might be hard to add each product to the category manually once there are new products added. Dynamic Category generates products to the category itself automatically according to the conditions and rules set during its configuration. As you see it simplifies the product management allowing you to automatically generate products to categories. All you need to do is to create a dynamic category rule, select the category you want it to generate product to, set the conditions products will be generated to the category under and remove old products from the category if you like.
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Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph Extension

Since social media has become an integral part of our lives, it is no wonder social media marketing is become one of the leading strategies used by a lot of brands. Facebook as one of the biggest and the most powerful social media networks it te best grouds for merchants to start the promotion of their business. Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph extension allows you to configure OG tags for your website pages setting the OG title description and image. With the interesting picture and intriguing title, you make the content you share drive attention to your website. There is no need to spend thousands on social media ads when you can just post to your Facebook page and drive traffic to your website for free?
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Magento 2 Image Lazy Load Extension

Website Load Speed is one of the key factors taken into consideration by SEO when analyzing and ranking your website. Besides, it is the factor that influences traffic and customer engagement which are also essential for SEO. So, you see that website performance is something you should pay strong attention to. One of the reasons your website is not performing as supposed to is a great number of pictures. Magento 2 Image Lazy Load extension allows you to enable lazy loading for images reducing page size and improving your website performance.
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Magento 2 Login As Customer Extension

No matter how hard you try there is no way to avoid the issues from appearing in customers' "My Account" area or during the checkout. And having a considerably big database it is hard to manage all the inquiries if there are some. Since the admin has to ask for a password or any other additional data and then manually log in to customers' accounts, detect the issue and solve it. It takes some time. Magento 2 Log as Customer extension allows admin to log into customer's account in just one click without a password not changing any authentic data. This significantly reduces the time spent on this process before. Besides, the faster admin logs in the faster he identifies and solves the issue. Moreover, there is an Entrance Log in this extension, so that the information about every entrance is stored there. That allows to keep track of the logging in process.
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Magento 2 Mautic Integration Extension

Keeping a relationship with your customers is one of the components of a successful business. And what is the best way to engage with your customers than through email? Email Marketing is a new branch of marketing specializing in the peculiarities of emailing. Email allows you to notify your customers about some promotions on your website, offer them some deals or just say hi and ask to rate your services. there are plenty of reasons you could use emails for. There are different emailing platforms that allow you to automize the email sending. But how do you synchronize contacts between those platforms and your website? Magento 2 Mautic Integration extension allows you to automatically synchronize contacts between Mautic and your Magento. So, basically, once you synchronize your contacts with Mautic, newly added contacts will be automatically added to Mautic from that time on.
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Magento 2 Product Widget Advanced Extension

No matter how useful and interesting your text is if it's written in one piece. No one likes that. Even if the text is structured with headlines people tend to look for some kind of distraction. Using product widgets you not only enrich your texts providing visuals, you provide your customer with the "CTA' or call to action option. That way you encourage them to buy something or at least to have a lot on the product which is always good as people spend more time on your website. Magento 2 Product Widget extension allows you to set the product widget into your WYSIWYG editor setting: - Product Image - Product Description - Product Review Details - Product price - "Add to Cart' Button - "Read More" Link
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Magento 2 Rocket JavaScript / Deferred JavaScript

One of the reasons it take long for your website to load is the jS code. Magento 2 Rocket JavaScript allows you to enable deferred JavaScript loading on your website. According to that JS is moved to the end of the page automatically which reduces the JS size and increased the page load speed.
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Magento 2 Translation Extension

There cases when even having a translation pack installed on your Magento store some labels or buttons are displayed to customers in the default language. The solution in Magento 2 Translation module which is easily managed from the Magento admin panel. all you need to do it to state the original word, it's equivalent and the store view you want this translation to be assigned to. If you have a lot of translations already made with the Magento Inline Translate Tool there is no need to read them manually one more time to your website live version. Magento 2 Translation Extension has the Import/Export feature for that.
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Magento 2 Twitter Cards Extension

Social media as an integral part of our lives is a great platform for your business promotion. Twitter together with other huge social network is the platform to have to start acquiring customers from. Magento 2 Twitter Cards Extension allows you to configure Twitter Card's title, description, and image so that you twits are more attractive, clickable and profitable correspondingly. If you want to promote your website there is probably no other way that social media. Boosting traffic to your website you let Google know you are useful and interesting (since people come to your website non-stop). And SEo is all about traffic, so think about it!
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Magento 2 WebP Optimized Images Extension

Having a lot of images on your website can have a crucial impact on your website load speed since the format they are in (.jpg/.png) is outdated and big in size. It can be crucial for those who are trying to pursue SEO trends and improve it. That is what Google has developed the WebP, next-generation image format. Magento 2 WebP Optimized Images extension allows you to convert all your website pictures into WebP format reducing their size with the slight quality change. You can choose the size and quality you would like the images to be converted to ad the module will automatically covert all previous and next added images into WebP. After this extension is installed, the visual difference won't be so noticeable. However, website speed will be improved due to the image size reduce which is something you can not pay attention to. With this module, you will improve your website's SEO and even attract more customers since no one likes to wait for website page to load. Having fast performing websites gives you the advantage over your competitors.
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Magento 2 YouTube Widget Extension

Videos are one of the ways to enrich your content and keep customers' attention increasing their time on your website and improving your SEO position. Magento naturally had the media tool that allows you to insert videos into WYSWYG editor, but it doesn't have as many options as Magento 2 Youtube Widget extension: - Video Width&Length - Starting Point - Related Videos - Tull Screen Mode - Preview Poster Quality
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