Native Advertising: Measurement

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Native Advertising is specifically designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding web content. Tools in this category help with native ad planning, buying & selling and overall native ad management.

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The AdAdapted platform automates the native advertising model for advertisers that want to reach mobile app users. With AdAdapted, advertisers can launch scalable, trackable, custom branded campaigns across a wide variety of apps without duplicating ...
Adzymic is a creative management platform that transforms display advertising into high-performing native advertising by turning HTML 5 banners into content ad units. Media agencies and advertisers can use Adzymic to create ads with no design or codi...
Nudge measures every moving part of a native ad campaign. It’s built by marketers to address a gap in digital marketing: better workflow, reporting and optimization for content. The solution offers normalized metrics built for purpose as native requi...
  Compare is an analytics solution that provides digital publishers with audience insights to answer questions about how readers are responding to digital content.
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