Customer Data Platforms with Direct Mail Functions

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A Customer Data Platform is a unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. CDPs with Direct Mail functions incorporates interactions with direct mail in its 360 degree view of customers. 

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Ascent360 is a customer database platform that seamlessly integrates multiple data sources to create a comprehensive 360 degree view of your customer, allowing you to create and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns. With an intuitive drag and ...
By RedEye
CONTOUR is a Multi-Channel Marketing Automation solution that is driven by a database combining all customer data – online and offline – into a single view.
CrossEngage is a SaaS marketing tool featuring a customer data platform along with powerful cross-channel campaign management. The open source solution integrates with any data source.
QuickPivot helps companies make better use of their customer data across all channels. We provide our customers with the same level of enterprise data management as the huge, expensive and difficult to manage solutions. We put the power of an enterpr...
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