Customer Communications Management

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Customer Communications Management includes web-based tools that assist marketers in providing consistent, on-brand and on-message communications. Tools manage aspects of the process, including creation, delivery and metrics. 

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Conversational Cloud, formerly LiveEngage, automates AI-enabled consumer conversations for marketers. Message consumers through the channel of their choice, whether on a website, app, or mobile web, engagements can be set up anywhere and customized. ...
CustomerSpec is a powerful texting kit for small businesses. Get online reviews, conduct customer surveys and automate text marketing.
The Demandforce is a software-as-a-service application targeting small business that connects businesses to consumers via email communications, text messaging and online services. As of April 2012, Demandforce is part of the Intuit family.
Freespee is a customer communication platform that allows businesses and their website visitors or app users to talk in real-time via any interface, typed or spoken. The Conversation Cloud enables online businesses to see their website visitors and ...
FrontSpin’s sales communication solution streamlines your sales cycle by bringing all your complex tools into one, easy-to-use platform.
  Compare is a simple platform for customer conversations that makes it easier to create relationships, stay in contact, and keep customers happier — with integrated live chat, help desk, and more.
By Womply
Womply Insights is a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite that helps small businesses boost their reputations, engage their customers, and monitor their businesses.
By Jojka
Jojka is an interactive communication platform that helps businesses and organizations efficiently communicate with customers and employees. Create profitability, increase customer loyalty, and communicate on customer terms with SMS text messaging.
By Kofax
Kofax Customer Communications Manager enables users to create relevant, accurate, and highly personalized content, delivered in both paged (e.g. print or PDF) and non-paged formats (e.g. email, HTML, and XML).
By Lucep
Lucep is an omnichannel customer engagement solution. Receive immediate call-back requests and real-time lead analytics to meet prospects where they’re at in the funnel. Connect and manage all your leads in a simple call list. Lucep integrates with y...
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