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Event Analytics tools and platforms enable marketers to leverage event data to produce insights. Event Analytics tools may measure visitors, dwell time or footfall in a live event, or measure enagement, time logged in and bounces for virtual events. Both virtual and live events tools include demographic and customer journey information. 

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Audience Republic is event marketing software that helps events (physical & virtual) sell more tickets, by increasing word-of-mouth, building audiences & customer insights.
Evint is the analytics solution that helps event marketers gain actionable insights that help them develop highly-targeted marketing campaigns, grow their audience, and increase return on ad spend.
Explori is a specialist attendee feedback platform for event organisers, expos and venues. It helps organisers prove the value of their events using a survey tool built for live and virtual events.
By Gravy
Gravy Data-as-a-Service (Gravy DaaS) delivers verified visitation, audience and event data to leading companies for use in a wide range of industry-specific applications. All data is processed through our patented AdmitOne verification engine – filte...
By Magnid
Magnid is an enterprise class, AI-powered, cloud based virtual & hybrid events platform. Its features enable you to attract users to engage with your content by personalizing each individual’s experience and thus making it truly relevant.
SmartXpo is a suite of predictive analytics solutions for the events industry. It includes solutions for price setting, portfolio analytics, and strategic decision-making.
Validar’s vConnect application is a Managed Package deployed within your Salesforce organization that enables Salesforce to pull from Validar’s Event Insight an attendee’s overall event activity including: session attendance, and renewed interest via...
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