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Advertising tools by medium automate processes that allow marketers to purchase online ads specific to one format. Where more than one medium is served, products are listed in multiple categories. 

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By 4Cite
The 4Cite platform allows you to identify more customers and engage them in real time in order to increase revenue. 4Cite's triggered emails contain personalized messages and offers that influence purchasing and foster brand loyalty. The platform use...
4INFO is advanced ad tech that helps marketers craft multi-channel campaign strategy, including the functionality to measure return on ad spend based on incremental sales transactions.
7Search offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search engine advertising that can generate traffic and revenue online. 7Search offers graphical and text banners, pop-unders, and interstitial web pages.
Accretive Media is the premier Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solution for brands and agencies that want to make a real impact with consumers in the real world. With screens in nearly 100K venues across the United States, Accretive Media delivers first-o...
ActionX is a mobile app and cross-screen retargeting platform that connects the dots between mobile customer acquisition and mobile retargeting to drive transactions and maximize customer lifetime value. Cross-screen attribution connects user activit...
The Ad Life Platform is a comprehensive, all-in-one mobile engagement platform that provides advertising, marketing, CRM, and analytics manageable from one central place.
The AdAdapted platform automates the native advertising model for advertisers that want to reach mobile app users. With AdAdapted, advertisers can launch scalable, trackable, custom branded campaigns across a wide variety of apps without duplicating ...
AdApptive is a mobile-first technology platform that leverages real-time data and user interests in order to help consumers discover new app content. Interactive ad formats are respectful of the user experience and easy to implement.
  Compare’s self-service platform lets media buyers create a single ad and syndicate the campaign across multiple social networks.
By Gimbal
AdCast is an all-in-one mobile demand side platform that gives your team full control of ads and media that are viewable, brand-safe, and effective. AdCast’s pre-bid evaluation filters out fraudulent, broken, and otherwise unviewable placements so th...
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