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Bid management tools help search marketers develop keyword lists, optimize and execute bids, and report on search marketing results. Source: Forrester.

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By [24]7
[24]7 Predictive Search Bidding combines big data analysis with high frequency bidding to enhance efficiency and turbocharge customer acquisition profitability. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your existing system to optimize every bid, and every...
comScore Activation comScore Activation is a suite of pre-bid audience and content segments that enables clients to reach the right person in the right place with the right message. Powered by flagship products and proprietary contextualization techn...
AdOptimizer from Data Gran uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine what the top-performing collateral and target parameters will be on Facebook and Instagram. It then chooses and places those ads on those platforms. Using Eye, ...
By Gimbal
AdScore is pre-bid placement verification. Gone are the days of paying and praying: AdScore ranks every possible piece of inventory so you know what’ll work and what won’t – before you pay. AdScore assesses ad quality and app reputation to protect yo...
Adinton's Bid Management Software is a cross bidding solution that allows you to cross your Google Ads and Facebook Ads bids and double your results.
By Signia
Fusion is an all-in-one professional management system for revenues, forecasting, and real time bidding. Fusion is a powerful platform that integrates and streamlines the entire supply chain. It simplifies organizational workflow, from proposal thro...
MEDIACOSTS by SQAD gives users true transparency and negotiation leverage with real planned cost data provided anonymously by buyers from big and small agencies around the US. The combined data is aggregated to provide a real-cost grounding for negot...
OptiMine is a bid optimization platform that includes automated intelligence to align and and continually refine each keyword and ad bid for maximum performance.
Pixalate is a data platform that includes a comprehensive suite of products specifically built to bring transparency to programmatic advertising. The solution monitors ad events in real time by tapping into the global RTB data stream, providing insig...
  Compare is an open real-time bidding platform to connect your Ad Exchange seats, SSPs, DMPs, and Header Bidding sources to ensure there are no hidden fees and margins.
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