Demand Side Platform (DSP)

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Using a Demand Side Platform (DSP)  advertisers buy and manage all of their various advertising through one central interface. The DSP automatically bids on ad impressions from an Ad Exchange. DSPs integrate also with Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Ad Exchanges.

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By Gimbal
AdCast is an all-in-one mobile demand side platform that gives your team full control of ads and media that are viewable, brand-safe, and effective. AdCast’s pre-bid evaluation filters out fraudulent, broken, and otherwise unviewable placements so th...
AdCasts is powerful, yet easy-to-use self-serve DSP. This "ready-to-go” robust SaaS platform makes it easy for advertisers to get set up with programmatic advertising without having to allocate resources to build a platform themselves. Sophisticated ...
Adelphic is a cross-device demand side platform (DSP) that provides an enterprise-ready solution for agencies, brands and other large media buyers that want better engagement with mobile consumers. There are three components to Adelphic's platform: C...
By Adform
The Adform media solution is programmatic and brand-led, integrating media planning, buying, optimization and reporting into one full-featured Demand Side Platform (DSP). Adform brings brand advertising to the programmatic era at scale with rich medi...
By Admedo
The Admedo Demand Side Platform (DSP) enables advertisers and agencies to optimize their RTB display and retargeting campaigns.
By Amazon
Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads. Programmatically reach your audiences across both Amazon-owned sites and apps, like IMDb, and leading publishers’ sites through direct invent...
By Amobee
Amobee Digital Marketing Platform is a comprehensive tool that powers Amobee’s cross-channel solutions for digital publishers, advertisers, mobile operators, developers and enterprises. Ad selection algorithm addresses targeting, campaign progress, u...
By Centro
Centro DSP is a programmatic media planning and buying tool built that lets users reach audiences across all their channels, with the transparency and the data to refine and optimize campaigns.
Bidsopt is a Demand Side Platform that enables advertisers to reach to right audience with advanced targeting and performance optimization techniques.
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