Analytics: Behavioral & Engagement

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Behavioral and Engagement Analytics track, record and report consumer data captured while consumers are browsing a website or using a mobile application. 

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By Acxiom
AbiliTec performs identity resolution — the ability to match customer or prospect data collected over time, across channels and devices, to an accurate identifier of an individual. AbiliTec fuels people-based marketing by delivering the insight to re...
AccuBase is a behavioral analytics and buyer persona tool that provides a 360-degree view of customers. With the AccuBase information, marketing professionals can create profiles of customers in order to better segment which advertising message shoul...
Ad Intelligence collects daily mobile advertising data that reveal the reach and creative content being used to promote hundreds of thousands of apps around the world. With Ad Intelligence, marketers have the insights needed to develop better user ac...
By Adobe
Adobe Analytics provides a 360-degree customer view through real-time web and mobile analytics, advanced data visualization, powerful predictive models, and algorithmic cross-channel attribution. Adobe Analytics is a powerful solution for driving mor...
By Adoric
Adoric is a platform for customer engagement. Adoric’s algorithm enables customers to show specific messages based on their users' behavior, serving up the right content to make conversions.
By Aimia
Aimia uses proprietary tools and advanced predictive modeling to analyze future trends to help companies maximize the impact of a loyalty program on consumers.
By Near
Allspark enables customers to visualize, engage and analyze audience data including their location and behavior for data-driven decisions.
The Sentiance Ambient Intelligence Platform uses IoT Sensor data and activity detection to enable marketers to manage the customer journey based on real-world behavior. By leveraging advanced machine learning, behavioral modeling and cognitive comput...
App Analytics provides mobile app developers with more comprehensive usage intelligence and other business-critical analytics.
App Engagement Market Intelligence Service allows mobile developers to gain insight on app retention rates, both their own and their competitors. The service also provides detailed engagement metrics such as session lengths, numbers of sessions per d...
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