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Speech Analysis, sometimes called Audio Mining, is primarily a call center function carried out by software designed to analyze real-time or recorded conversations between call center agents and inbound or outbound callers. Speech Analysis covers a variety of technologies designed to detect and track predefined spoken words or phrases. Speech Analysis leads to actionable metrics that show customer satisfaction, agent performance, hold times, hang-ups and any number of other KPIs.

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Crystal is an analytic tool that identifies an individual's personality by analyzing public data. The solution enables users to tailor the language in speech and writing based on the personality insights at the point of need, and help the team actua...
By Etuma
Etuma Customer Experience Analytics is a Voice of the Customer solution that includes both NPS Analytics and Market Research Analytics. Convert high volumes of customer feedback into actionable insight quickly, so that you can react to business issue...
GetSentiment uses the latest text analytics technology to extract true sentiment from customer interactions.
By Infegy
Infegy Atlas is a sophisticated suite of social media monitoring tools that reach beyond simple measurements to deliver detailed answers that help market researchers fully understand the drivers, implications, and thematic nuances within consumer con...
By Invoca
Invoca is a call tracking solution that measures the true impact of your digital marketing and helps you drive conversions up and CPA down by integrating call and conversational analytics into the marketing platforms that matter most to your business...
By Verint
Verint Speech Analytics is a contact center solution that can automatically discover words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during calls revealing trends, areas of opportunity and causes for concern. Find out what triggers customer satisfaction...
Delacon's Speech Analysis Module (SAM) allows you to analyze customer calls in real time with the support of an AI engine that follows key words and phrases. Categorize calls into sales, support, billing, or complaints, and use that data to drive mar...
Talkitt is a speech recognition platform that enables people with speech impairment or strong accents to use voice-activated technology that's generally designed for standard pronunciation. Through guided exercises where a person speaks a series of w...
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