Offer Optimization

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Offer Optimization determines the best offer for every customer. In advance of a customer inquiry, these tools can factor in a great number of service and pricing options, and offer a specific plan to offer a customer is essential in order to nurture customer loyalty. 

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Brierley CampaignWare is a functionality-rich campaign management tool. From omnichannel communications, to real-time customer interactions with touchpoint systems, to fielding the best offers for specific customers.
Reflektion is a powerful engagement platform that influences buyer intent through timely, relevant content across all touchpoints. Reflektion’s customer data and insights enable you to unify each customer experience, ensuring every interaction is as ...
Winbounce is an offer optimization tool that offers enhanced engagement to site visitors, dropping the bounce rate. It is a set of widgets that users can customize and add to their website as required.
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