Through-Channel Marketing Automation

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Through-Channel Marketing Automation​ is a business system, comprising integrated goals, processes, and metrics, used by enterprise markets to enable and scale local marketing program execution and customer engagement, through channel partners (stores, agents, dealers, franchisees, distributors, and resellers) with governance to project brand integrity. Source: Forrester

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By Bitly
Bitly's Enterprise version enables the world's best brands to own their customer experience with features like branded short links, mobile deep linking, expanded analytics and user management. As a full service Link Management Platform, Bitly Enterpr...
Optimail is a cross-platform marketing automation solution powered by artificial intelligence. Optimail makes it easy to build the perfect marketing campaigns - simply create messages, define goals, and Optimail learns when and what to message custom...
By wyng
Wyng is a digital campaign platform for agencies and brands to build and run campaigns that drive participation and elevate consumer influence. Wyng has powered hundreds of thousands of digital campaigns, collecting over 45 million images, 3 million ...
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