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Tools in this category include diagramming software, mind mapping platforms, and virtual whiteboards. These tools make it easier for business and creative teams to collaborate, draw up project plans, and share ideas with each other and with clients. These tools help create visual diagrams, project workflows, keep track of thoughts in brainstorming sessions, help solve bottlenecks, analyze gaps in workflow, map out resources and spark new ideas.

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10,000ft Insights is an online brainstorming, collaboration and file sharing solution for creative teams irrespective of team members' geographical location. Creatives can get together online in a "virtual war room," gathering product or project spec...
A Web Whiteboard is a user-friendly, freemium virtual whiteboard app for desktop. tablet or mobile phone. Designed to scale from personal use to enterprise, the basic version is free, with premium plans available that including saving up to a hundred...
By Aprimo
Aprimo Idea Lab is a new ideation solution that helps content marketing and creative teams ideate faster and better in the early stages of the content ideation and planning process. Aprimo Idea Lab is the only ideation solution on the market that con...
Balsamiq Mockups is a rapid wireframing tool that helps users work faster and smarter by reproducing the experience of sketching on a whiteboard.
Bubbl.us is an easy-to-use tool for mindmapping and brainstorming, letting teams of all kinds create and share colorful mind maps. Bubbl.us works the same on all platforms, for both desktop and mobile. Simply bookmark the page, or add it to your home...
By Nulab
Cacoo is a cloud-based diagram maker that allows teams to collaborate in real time and create professional diagrams for every project. Cacoo offers a wide selection of templates and shapes including flowcharts, wireframes, network diagrams, org chart...
By Casual
Casual is a user-friendly online project management and mind mapping solution purpose-built for small project teams, non-professional project managers and anyone who needs to map out a workflow but doesn't use more advanced methods such as Gantt char...
By Coggle
Coggle is an online platform for creating diagrams in a collaborative environment.
ConceptDraw includes a suite of visual productivity solutions including ConceptDraw PRO for business diagramming, ConceptDraw MINDMAP for mind mapping, and ConceptDraw PROJECT for project management.
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