Social CRM

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A Customer Relationship Management system takes data gathered at points in the customer journey -- email, buying preferences, product registration -- and provides avenues to market products and services to that customer. Tools in this group are purpose-built to integrate with social media tools, or include Social CRM as a feature.


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By edrone
edrone eCRM will help you get to know your store visitors and customers to increase sales.
Kapture is a business automation CRM that helps you to manage sales and customer service in a single platform. With a mobile first focus, Kapture lets you manage your business on any device, anywhere. With Marketing, Sales, Operations and customer se...
LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics is designed to create a seamless experience between Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics, saving your reps valuable time. Get sales updates including news mentions and job changes when viewing CRM rec...
SutiCRM provides suitable optimization techniques to engage and serve existing and prospective customers. The solution manages B2B and B2C relationships by tracking contacts, clients, and sales leads on a single platform. SutiCRM also incorporates he...
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