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Tools that facilitate conversations between customers, brands and other consumers include interactive community forums, consumer feedback mechanisms, engaging calls-to-action, frequent buyer programs, promotional tools and contests with leaderboards. 

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The 1World Platform is a comprehensive digital data collection solution. 1World's Global Platform consists of highly engaging tools, content, and powerful analytics to boost performance and revenue. With support for 27 languages, they can help you su...
By ADfits
The ADfits platform leverages gamification methods and social media to drive sales, engagement and loyalty in order to achieve measurably improved ROI.
By Agora is a platform for real-time customer engagement, enabling marketers to make meaningful human connections through live video, voice calls or recorded messages. Architected to withstand sudden spikes in traffic, gracefully scaling from one to ...
By Alida
Alida Touchpoint offers a mobile-first application designed to quickly and visually engage customers with questions relevant to their experiences. With Alida Touchpoint, brands easily connect with their customers and potential customers to collect fe...
By Antavo
Antavo launches viral promotions and campaigns in an effort to grow a client’s email list and familiarize them with their core audience: contests (photo, video, story, presentation, Instagram, audio), sweepstakes (draw, quiz, poll), and deals (group ...
A 50/50 raffle is a fundraising concept where everyone wins. Tickets are sold to fans and event attendees; the proceeds of each purchased ticket goes into a centralized jackpot. To end the draw, a winning number is randomly selected with the lucky wi...
AwardReg is a custom, ASP-structured application that manages and automates online judging, contest entries and awarding processes. AwardReg is built to facilitate entries online, categorize award entries, approve and reject entries, and allow judges...
By SpotMe
Backstage is a content and app management system that guides users in building and managing their event app. The tool supports every SpotMe event and provides opportunities for moderating events and managing app data.
Questionmark's Badging App enables organizations to issue digital badges based on outcomes of assessments delivered via Questionmark OnDemand.
Bazaarvoice Connections is a platform hosting authentic ratings and reviews and questions and answers on nearly 2,000 retail and brand websites globally. Connections puts the user's brand into those conversations. Connections is an online portal wher...
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