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A customer engagement platform is a software that helps you engage with your customers through every touchpoint they could possibly have with your organization. It houses a database of connected content and tracks your audience as they transform from strangers to prospects to customers and eventually to promoters.

Source: New Breed Marketers

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By Agora is a platform for real-time customer engagement, enabling marketers to make meaningful human connections through live video, voice calls or recorded messages. Architected to withstand sudden spikes in traffic, gracefully scaling from one to ...
CleverTap unifies deep-rooted analytics based on behavioral segmentation with hyper-targeted engagement through one platform that guarantees personalized user experiences to build a loyal customer base. Among its features are Behavioral Segmentation ...
CrowdTwist is a cloud-based multichannel loyalty and engagement platform. Using CrowdTwist's platform, clients are able to reach and engage customers across Web, social, mobile, email, in-store, etc. using a tailored set of activities and benefits/re...
The Reve Marketing Customer Activation Platform is a modular suite of highly customizable, vendor-agnostic components that meet a variety of marketing needs. The functionality for social media integration, consumer action tracking, customer loyalty r...
CustomerSpec is a powerful texting kit for small businesses. Get online reviews, conduct customer surveys and automate text marketing.
By Ebsta
Ebsta is a customer engagement platform that works by unlocking your company network, nurturing relationships through personalized workflows, prioritizing activities and analyzing performance.
Evoq Engage is a customer engagement solution that encourages user-generated content via a newsfeed, discussion and idea forums, and blogs.
FreshLime is a customer engagement platform that brings together your customer, transaction, and marketing data to provide you valuable insights into each of your customers. Their Artificial Intelligence engine (SAM, short for Smart Automated Marketi...
Gamooga is an omni-channel customer engagement platform backed by a powerful predictive analytics engine.
  Compare is a simple platform for customer conversations that makes it easier to create relationships, stay in contact, and keep customers happier — with integrated live chat, help desk, and more.
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