Customer Onboarding and Personal Identification

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Customer Onboarding and Personal Identification tools use personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, and email to match online and offline activity to better understand customer behavior. Tools in this category either match online and offline behavior via onboarding or connect ID graphs with verified real people through authentication. 

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By Acxiom
Acxiom AbiliTec is an identity resolution technology. AbiliTec helps better resolve variations of customer identity over time by unifying online and offline data from disparate sources. AbiliTec linking technology helps hurdle the traditional matchin...
CA Identity Manager helps improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of IT organizations by providing a scalable and configurable identity management foundation that can organize your identity information within the context of your unique b...
Following Privacy by Design best practices, the Janrain Consent Lifecycle Management allows brands to obtain fine-grained, informed and unambiguous consent from consumers, helping businesses to comply with regulations such as the EU General Data Prot...
Salesforce Customer 360 is a customer experience tool that allows Salesforce users to easily map your service, marketing, and commerce systems to a central hub that exchanges data and events so they’re available at the time of need. Make it easy to i...
LoginRadius' Customer Identity Management (CIM) platform helps companies to simplify Customer Registration, securely store customer Profile Data, and allow for seamless data flow into third party software.
By Gigya
Gigya's Customer Identity Management Platform helps companies forge a closer relationship with users at an individual level. On-site engagement tools incentivize desired behaviors while allowing you to build more complete user profiles automatically ...
IBM Identity Resolution helps any organization solve business problems related to recognizing true identity. Identity Resolution solves the problem of recognizing "Who is Who?" by resolving inconsistent, ambiguous identity and attribute information i...
By Merkle
M1 is a people-based insights, planning, activation, and measurement platform. M1 helps you understand your customers better, and reach them more quickly and effectively, through the industry’s only true people-based ID.
By NetOwl
NetOwl EntityMatcher is identity resolution software capable of accurate, fast, and scalable matching for any combination of available record attributes. The platform utilizes proprietary search and indexing that goes beyond similarities of the entit...
SAP Hybris Identity establishes secure customer registration and login across websites, mobile applications and Internet of Things devices using flexible user authentication options, federation standards, and single sign-on functionality. It captures...
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