Location Targeting

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Location Targeting solutions link the digital world with the physical location of devices. Using unique IDs and location markers, these tools match devices with specific activities so marketers know where and how customers interact with them. These solutions use data from mobile devices, venues and events to track location based segments, such as frequent concert attendees.

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CloudEngage is an omnichannel conversion suite that will make a true impact on your business. CloudEngage makes it easy to add next-generation personalization to your website, providing easy to use yet powerful tools that allow you to create individu...
FileFacets Analytics continuously monitoring to locate and process ROT and PII data on the source repositories allowing users to identify the necessary vs. the unnecessary data, and the sensitive data that may need to be handled differently.
GroundTruth's Location SDK is a software development kit that can help publishers and brands by providing sophisticated location intelligence to their apps. Verified location signals are mapped to real world places through GroundTruth's Blueprints te...
GroundTruth's Location Targeting solution offers several ways to target consumers by location. On-Premise allows you to reach consumers in real-time when they are in Blueprinted locations. You can target specific locations, parking lots or areas with...
GroundTruth's Weather Targeting solution can target based on the current weather and the forecasted conditions. Combined with location data, weather triggers allow marketers to provide the most contextual, relevant and tailored message to customers a...
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