Customer Journey Platforms

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Customer Journey tools enable marketers to serve customers with what they need, when they need it. They track and enable marketers to serve customers in whatever channel they happen to appear, with tools for conversion and customer loyalty.

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The Sentiance Ambient Intelligence Platform uses IoT Sensor data and activity detection to enable marketers to manage the customer journey based on real-world behavior. By leveraging advanced machine learning, behavioral modeling and cognitive comput...
CLMi is an end-to-end client lifecycle management platform that incorporates intelligent workflows and automated alerts that help you prioritize daily tasks. You will never miss an action, processes are shortened and duplication is eliminated, and wi...
By Clutch
Clutch is a customer marketing platform for B2C brands. The Clutch platform offers a variety of solutions including data management, marketing automation, loyalty, stored value, and CRM as well as mobile, email, and direct mail campaign capabilities.
Epsilon PeopleCloud connects a consumer’s online and offline activity to a single ID that your brand owns. All media decisions and measurement ties back to these IDs, for a comprehensive view of your customers and full control of your marketing. Know...
The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud is a digital marketing command center for driving business growth through customer journey analysis, optimization and personalization. The solution includes tools for contact management, lead management, audie...
The Yieldify Conversion Platform is an award-winning solution for optimizing eCommerce customer journeys. It delivers website personalization and email remarketing solutions, both driven by behavioral segmentation. Drive more conversions, increase AO...
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