CRM Add-Ons

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CRM Add-Ons are used by enterprises to find and update contact records automatically, enabling sales teams to leverage the most up-to-date information. Tools may update records with media mentions, job changes, and other news items. 

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Digital Source Tracker enables marketers to connect your digital marketing efforts to your CRM to determine which channels, vendors, and programs drive conversions, accelerate opportunities, and influence revenue. Leverage the Full Circle Digital En...
Pitcher Indoors is a web-based app for inside sales and other online users that enables sales reps to stay connected with customers and prospects. Built on the Salesforce Platform, users are able to use Pitcher Indoors’ sales enablement features with...
Hint from SugarCRM accelerates call preparation time by providing you with all the customer contact and social network information you need with just a name and an email. Tells you something you don’t already know about your customer, all done within...
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