CRM: Specific Applications

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CRM: Specific Applications is a group of customer relationship management databases built for specific purposes, such as tracking newsletter opens or store visitors. 

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Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS Suite is a standards-based pre-integrated end-to-end CRM and billing solution for mobile, fixed, cable and multi-service communications providers.
By edrone
edrone eCRM is designed for retailers seeking to track store visitors and customers to increase sales. edrone tracks newsletter opens, store visits to via multiple devices and whether they view products without being logged in.
Improve your moving company efficiency with the right moving leads software. All you need to do is to schedule a demo and try the CRM for free.
myFIO RMS is a Retail Marketing System that enables the retailer to market smarter, sell effectively and productively. The solution builds a single, 360-degree view of each customer. View, analyze, filter, and segment data in real time.
Tessitura is a CRM built for the arts industry. a fully-integrated, single database for ticketing, admissions, CRM, marketing, fundraising, memberships, business intelligence, and real-time web and mobile transactions.
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