Customer Service

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Boostopia is a support intelligence platform for support managers. Combine all of your customer data so you can manage your support team without guessing or ugly spreadsheets. Boostopia helps you easily identify and act on the biggest opportunities t...
By Dixa
Dixa is customer service software that creates one unified customer experience on email, chat & phone and eliminates the chaos caused by using separate systems.
By Giva
Giva Service Management Suite consists of modules including a help desk, customer service, knowledge manager, asset manager, service desk, and change manager.
By Womply
Womply Insights is a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite that helps small businesses boost their reputations, engage their customers, and monitor their businesses.
Service Cloud introduces a personalized support and self-service platform that integrates with the powerful Salesforce platform. Support agents can bring customer problems to resolution faster through a suite of features that lets them support custom...
Stella Metrics enables users to capture actionable insights into service and operational performance by leveraging thousands of shopping analysts around the country.
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