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Predictive Tools -- programs that, based on past user behavior predict future user behavior, are used by marketers to support forcasts, answer questions and determine budgets. Predictive tools may include customer service programs automatically providing answers to customers; Product pricing tools that incorporate market forcasts as well as customer demand; Ad targeting based on customer behavior. 

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By [24]7
[24]7 Chat maximizes online revenues by targeting and engaging the right customers at the right moment using intent-driven prediction. Leveraging 6 billion predictions a year across sales and marketing touchpoints, [24] brings AI to sales chat, t...
By Accent
Accent CRM Supercharger is an AI-driven guided selling solution. Use the power of AI to coach sellers in the field, uncover hidden buying team members, and simplify accurate forecasting.
ActiveEdge is an intelligent decision support platform built on the Cognitive Agent Architecture (Cougaar)—an open source, distributed agent architecture. ActiveEdge provides all the power of Cougaar and includes key extensions to simplify applicatio...
By AdHive
AdHive is an AI-powered influencer marketing platform built on the blockchain. The AdHive platform acts as a matchmaking service for advertisers and influencers.
By Adobe
Adobe Experience Cloud gives you access to an integrated set of solutions to build campaigns, manage your advertising, and gain deep intelligence about your business. And it’s all unified through powerful core services that give you access to your cu...
Afresh is an inventory management platform for grocers and the fresh food industry. Afresh enables grocers to optimize the amount of perishables they carry at any given time in any given store.
Alyuda Forecaster XL is a forecasting Excel add-in, based on neural networks. It is the obvious choice for users, who need a reliable and easy-to-learn forecasting neural network tool embedded into the familiar MS Excel framework.
NeuroIntelligence is a neural networks software application designed to assist neural network, data mining, pattern recognition, and predictive modeling experts in solving real-world problems. NeuroIntelligence features only proven neural network mod...
  Compare delivers the tangible benefits of AI in the simplest yet most effective way: by directly optimizing the metrics that you care about, without forcing you to deal with complex and brittle pipelines, algorithms, models, or even data.
Anders Pink dynamically aggregates content from millions of sources around the web for you. Get exactly what you want: You choose the topics, keywords, sites, RSS feeds and Twitter influencers. Create custom briefings on the topics you want to track....
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