Inventory Management

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Inventory Management Tools allow retailers to know in real time what inventory they have and what they need. Tools in this category include inventory optimization tools.

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Afresh is an inventory management platform for grocers and the fresh food industry. Afresh enables grocers to optimize the amount of perishables they carry at any given time in any given store.
C3 Inventory Optimization™ applies advanced AI/machine learning and optimization techniques to help manufacturers reduce inventory levels, while maintaining confidence that they will have stock when, and where, they need it. The application dynamical...
Inventory Management enables marketers to accurately predict inventory levels in 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-month increments, helping you plan a reliable production schedule and streamlined supply chain.
iPharmo is India's leading digital healthcare platform. we are on a mission to bring "care" to "health" to give you a flawless healthcare experience. Our software has been designed to facilitate online purchase at anytime or location. Businesses ca...
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