Machine Learning/ AI Enablement

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Tools in this category are powered by artificial intelligence and have the ability to ‘learn’ and improve through experience without having to be programmed.

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Innotescus is an image and video annotation paltform that provides an intuitive annotation workspace, comprehensive analytics, and a collaborative environment for teams to produce superior quality training datasets. The platform streamlines the Compu...
LITL automates the process of interactive labeling (tagging, augmenting) data, based on the detection of potentially relevant examples in large data sets and their ergonomic designation by domain experts operating within the organization. LITL is int...
Next-Gen Residential Proxies are an AI & ML-based advanced API solution that gathers data for you with a 100% success rate - regardless of the target's complexity.
Playment is a no-code, self-serve data labeling platform that was designed to help ML teams create diverse, high-quality ground truth datasets. With GT Studio, anyone can effortlessly label data using high-precision 2D/3D annotation tools and manage ...
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