Marketing Automation Add-Ons

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Marketing Automation Add-Ons enable users to perform tasks on large automation platforms more easily. Features may include the abiltiy to make a single action, such as formatting phone numbers, or the ability to customize tools to the particular enterprise. 

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Relationship One’s AppCloud contains feature-enhancing apps that extend functionality or increase efficiency for Oracle Marketing Cloud users. Ranging from apps that allow you to set more controls of your campaigns to widgets that seamlessly integrat...
By Etumos
FlowBoost is a tool for adding on functions to Marketo. FlowBoost enables users to use the FlowBoost API to enhance and simplify the Marketo experience for individual users or the enterprise. FlowBoost enables users to automatically capitalize names,...
Implement all of your brand’s marketing essentials in one unparalleled portal. In-store POS, Grand Openings, LTO Promotions, Specialty Products & Apparel, Email, Social Media, Loyalty and Advertising, with customizable creative for omnichannel distri...
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