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General Privacy Tools assist the enterprise in protecting customer data privacy.

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Algebraix is a permission-based mobile advertising platform that empowers consumers with control of their personal data and compensates them. Algebraix delivers your content across the network, rewarding prospects who interact with it and providing y...
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SAP Customer Data Cloud includes three separate products, SAP Customer Identity, SAP Customer Consent and SAP Customer Profile. SAP Customer Data Cloud helps organizations increase customer retention and boost brand loyalty by providing a transparent...
The Gryphon Sales Intelligence System provides real-time visibility into your rep's phone-based activity from any device, anywhere. This allows sales managers to increase overall sales effectiveness through improved coaching and onboarding. Gryphon a...
OneTrust offers a free edition of its privacy management platform to help organizations operationalize their privacy program for California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation compliance. This free edition now include...
Have every call blocked in real-time against all state and federal TCPA laws and DNC regulations. Gryphon's system will manage and incorporate all company specific rules, exemptions and Internal do not call lists.
The Trunomi Data Rights Platform is a secure and scalable platform which communicates with your front-end business systems and your backend enterprise systems – it is the ‘glue’ that pulls all your customer data rights into one place. It enables you...
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