Sales Territory Management

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Sales Territories are defined based on geography, for example by world region, state or by zip code. Tools in this category are centralized collaboration platforms that collect and store historical sales data, visually map out territories by assigned agents, keep track of quota and other KPIs, and uncover any gaps in sales coverage.

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AlignStar is sales territory software designed to help any size business to map, optimize, analyze, align or realign sales territories.
Clickback Sales Channel gives sales leaders the ability to manage and coordinate multiple offices/branches from one location and through one account. Not only email management, but also superior reporting and analytics that you can use to strengthen ...
By Dista
Dista Field is a dynamic location-enabled field service management solution that helps organizations with mobile workforce to unleash the full potential of their field service operations by intelligent scheduling, route optimization, real-time tracki...
WorkWave Field Service Management is a suite of solutions designed to improve the day-to-day operations of service-oriented business. An intelligent route optimization tool plans the most efficient and practical routes, reducing drive time and fuel c...
MapInfo Pro is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) system designed to help identify the best place to open a new store, draw the boundaries of optimal sales territories, set up strategically placed service depots, and a range of other useful mappi...
  Compare Opportunity Management is a sales platform connecting CRM, Email, Calendaring and Call Log Data. coaches field reps and gives sales leaders the insights they need to scale their business.
By Repsly
Repsly is a sales management tool built for teams in the field. Includes real-time, social media style newsfeed of your entire team’s activity in the field, and visualize visits on the map. Deploy your team to take action on a filtered set of account...
Sales Cloud is the Salesforce sales enablement module that drives productivity and helps close more deals. From lead acquisition to ongoing management, Sales Cloud has everything you need to be a top sales performer. Track all your customer informati...
By Xactly
Xactly Alignstar is a sales territory design and mapping tool that enables managers to visualize customer and prospect potential in order to place sales reps in the locations with the highest concentration of potential. Spatial analysis capability as...
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